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Uploaded 18-Jul-14
Taken 10-Apr-14

Vermilion Morning

(See my image Old Paria for part one.)

After playing with photographing the Milky Way, I crawled back into my tent and went to sleep. The weather report had predicted clear skies, and I was happy the clouds had cleared to expose the stars. With clear skies there would also be no sunrise to miss, and I could catch up on my sleep.

A little less than two hours later I was thoroughly enjoying my REM, when my rude brother woke me up with a start by slamming the car door.

I grumpily stuck my head out of the tent to share some carefully chosen expletives, only to find him madly setting up his tripod and camera to capture this scene. Turns out he wasn't sleepy after photographing the Milky Way, and had taken a night hike back up the road to the old movie set area. As he hiked back, the dawn kept getting better and better. By the time he was close to camp, he was running to grab his gear.

Despite his rush to photograph, he slowed enough to smugly call over "So. Are you going to photograph this, or what?" He claimed the sunrise had been even better before he woke me up, but I think he just wanted to gloat.
NIKON CORPORATION NIKON D7100, f/4 @ 12 mm, 1/20, ISO 100, No Flash

Vermilion Morning