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Pink Lemonade

In early August of 2019, several buddies and I backpacked into Cowlitz Park on Mt. Rainier for a long weekend. The flowers were thick and the vistas spectacular, and the weather even cooperated a time or two.

Our first night in Cowlitz Park we set up camp near a tarn, and after scouting for a few hours I settled on a composition with a lupine foreground. I went back to the location in late afternoon hoping to catch a sun star against Mt. Rainier, as insurance in case sunset was a dud. When I arrived though, I found the sun had already set behind a foreground ridge and my flowers were in shadow. I kicked back and enjoyed the beauty for a while, hopeful as the light got a bit more interesting that sunset might work out. Just as things started to get a bit more interesting, mist came pouring into the scene and I found myself sitting in thick fog. Grumbling under my breath about the unfairness of it all (to quote Jud from the BBC television show Poldark, ldquo;Tisnrsquo;t right, tisnrsquo;t fit, tisnrsquo;t fair, tisnrsquo;t proper!rdquo;), I packed up and headed back to camp to start supper.

Just as I started to eat, the fog cleared and the sky color started to look promising. For a moment I considered dashing back down the hill, but the lupine was a distance away and I knew there wasnrsquo;t time to get there and get set up before the show was over. (Tisnrsquo;t right, tisnrsquo;t fit, tisnrsquo;t fair, tisnrsquo;t proper!rdquo;)

However when scouting I had also poked around a lot of other possible compositions, and one I had considered was this patch of Pink Mountain-heath. It was only about 50 yards down the slope from camp, so I set supper aside and rushed down to set up this composition. hellip;then, in a flash, the fog rolled back in. With a sigh (and a few more ldquo;tisnrsquo;tsrdquo;), I walked back up and started eating again.

I was starting to catch on though, and left the camera and tripod set up. It turns out that the clouds rapidly lifting and falling at that elevation would be a common theme for th
FUJIFILM X-T30, ISO 160, No Flash

Pink Lemonade