Tony Butchart(non-registered)
John, I have very much enjoyed your journals on Crazy Guy and have read them all. Your sense of humor (and your brother's!) keep me delightfully entertained. I just happened on to your photo collection and, wow Brother, you are a wonder. So beautiful. Thank you very much for sharing your trips and these stunning photos. Hope to hear more from you someday. Cheers.
Richard Drake(non-registered)
Great photographer, Awesome pictures, Follow your dreams and keep up the great work John!!
Craig Strand(non-registered)
I have been admiring your work for years and now I enjoy pointing beginners to your website so they can open their eyes to what is possible. John you photographs always expand the mind in so many ways, not only so viewers can enjoy the subject but begin to ask "how was that achieved!" Thank you for the many treasures you've recorded and for sharing your talent!
I just wanted to know if you do any drawings and painting? From what I saw of the they are beautiful. Are there any other pictures that you've shared before? Anyway looking forward to see more.
Richard Reed(non-registered)
Looking forward to checking out your pictures and page.
Thanks for inviting me.
Truly amazing! Great work!
Jay Rasaco(non-registered)
Some of the best!
Ann Crandall(non-registered)
Beautiful beyond words!
Steve Ancik(non-registered)
Beautiful pics...looking forward to your Escalante photos.
Peter Richter(non-registered)
John, your website is a wonderful presentation of your photographic work to me. In your compositions, I especially appreciate the use of foreground elements to draw the attention and lead into the depth. My personal favorite of your images is "Making Lemonade", it shows me a subtlety that I really admire.

Best to you,
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